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Transformed by Love

(The Story of the Song of Solomon)

King Solomon...

the wisest man who ever lived, called this his 'Song of Songs.' But through the centuries many have struggled to make sense of it. Who is the mysterious woman with whom the king is so in love? What is her story - and why is it in the Bible?

In this devotional exposition and modern English translation, we follow the heart-searching highs and lows of their relationship as we unravel the answers to these questions. We see how lovingly and patiently Solomon wins her heart and confidence until finally, freed from her past, she becomes the magnificent queen that he first saw her to be.

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But what of Solomon himself? He is not what we would expect - at heart a shepherd, an adventurer, a lover of wild, open spaces. And as the story progresses we come to understand the prophetic significance of Solomon’s vision of the 'shepherd king' - and why his attempts to fulfil it himself caused his downfall. Yet, more importantly, we see how perfectly it is fulfilled, and all our deepest needs met, in the ultimate 'Good Shepherd' and 'King of Love,' Jesus Christ.

About the Author

A church leader and Bible teacher for nearly 40 years, Kevin has been a regular visitor to churches and Bible schools in various parts of the world. But for some time now his most frequent request has been: 'Can you teach on the Song of Solomon again this year?'